Paneling is coming out of the shadows as durable wall art. The recent spotlight on wall paneling have shimmied from the architect and designers storyboard onto trendsetting walls. And today’s vertical surfaces are definitely not a resurrection from your grandparents basement! These walls can talk and what a story they tell about the resident artist. The materials you choose for your artistic license is up to you.

Here are some of our fav hip and eco compelling ideas utilizing wood.

  • Reclaimed barn siding with rustic metal contemporizing the look and feel
  • Rough sawn tropical timbers for veritable global influence
  • Sleek and clean light colored domestic species for the geometric perspective
  • Rough edged slabs mounted like rough hewn gems
  • Curved wall made graceful by the movement of horizontally mounted planks
  • Board and batten reministic of equestrian posh
  • Framed rough sawn siding for Lowcountry traditional
  • Wide planks mounted horizontally calling to mind Tanzu
  • Deconstructed wine barrels adding “nose” to the space
  • Exterior chic for curb appeal

There is always a tell to a custom design. However, the groundwork done in the Heppner Hardwoods factory will fabricate the design into reality. Heppner Hardwoods believes  all of the above, pleasing to the eye as it may be,  is not consummated without good husbandry of our resources. Heppner Hardwoods is certified by Smartwood, but beyond that we utilize all that we consume in our processes. Our engineering capabilities further stretch the consumption of forest products and even the substrate used is 100% pure FSC. You are assured that responsible is part of the Heppner culture when it comes to global  humanity and  environmental sustainability.