Reclaimed beams are harvested from the interiors of old buildings.  Beams, somewhat like the inner character of a structure, are valued for their endurance and their soundness.  Since the structural beams  have been protected from the elements, they are sounder than the reclaimed boards that have been harvested from the weathered exterior portions of the buildings.  From interior beams, a more refined product such as flooring, mantels,   paneling, or various moulding details can be produced.

Beams,  cut from old growth trees, no longer available,  have rich and tight grain that cannot be produced from fresh cut lumber.  Salvaged beams can be utilized with original, hand-hewn,  rough sawn or re-sawn for clean face.  Often beams bear the history of 18th century  mortising, bow tie dutch-men, pegging and large square nails used for fastening

We can source most hardwood species, White Oak, Red Oak,  Hickory,  Elm, Teak and Chestnut along with softwood species such as Douglas Fir and Old Hear Pine and others as available.