Note from the President

Recently when chatting with a customer, he shared “I will only install products manufactured by Heppner Hardwoods”.  Naturally I was pleased to hear this and I asked “why?”  A partial list included; quality, service, professionalism on time, good yields. And the sales staff.  I wasn’t surprised by the list, after all nobody depends on a company that has bad quality or service, or lack of commitment.  Even the fact that price came up, usually at the end of the list didn’t surprise me.  But, the names got me thinking.  And I thought if Mark is your salesman, would you like to know something about Mike or Craig? I thought I would give you a “who’s who” at Heppner Hardwoods.

Mike Irish:  Started at Heppner Hardwoods in 1997 in production.  Mike’s background before Heppner was in milling softwoods.  He is or resident softwood and milling expert.  In 2004 he was promoted to Flooring Salesman.  Today, he heads of the sales team for all our manufactured products.

Craig Lefebvre:  Started at Heppner Hardwoods in 2004.  Prior to Heppner Craig worked at Penberthy Lumber Company a premier importer of all exotic and hard to find lumber.  Craig is also an avid woodworker in exotic hardwoods.  All things exotic, we turn to Craig, well not all things exotic.

Mark Long:  Is our salesman with the longest tenure, although he left for a while and gained a wealth of experience at ­­North American Plywood.  Mark’s assistance with the procuring of plywood and not just the plywood used in the manufacturing of our engineered flooring but, for his knowledge in all veneers makes him invaluable to the team.

Brian Giertz:  Is new on the sales team.  Brian is better known as our lumber grader.  As a graduate of the National Hardwood Lumber School, he checks that our lumber ships in from our vast lumber suppliers on grade.  Heppner starts the manufacturing process with the best lumber available.

Sean Haarberg:  Is new to lumber sales, but with the lineup above training him, you will soon know his name.  Sean is also a Green Associate for v3, he will continue to v4 soon. He is available to discuss your Leed projects.

Perhaps if you asked the guys, “why work for Heppner Hardwoods?” their answers would be the same as “why buy from Heppner Hardwoods?” quality, service, professionalism…

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