Barn Siding

Barn Siding is most often used for crafting flooring and paneling.  It is available in gray board, brown board, clean planed or circle sawn and or painted wood siding.  We offer a range of uniquely weathered painted barn boards that vary from solid red to flaky red paint.  The appearance of the exterior planks (gray board) will vary according to where the barn was harvested.  As an example, if the out building or cabin was in the lee side of the Smoky Mountains, the descending wind would be milder than the ascending wind off the plateau and as a result siding from that region will have less of a gray washboard and weathered appearance.

The interior side of the planks will yield what we call “brown board” and manifests less of the ravages left by years of wind. But, no matter how rustic and  antique the boards are, with Heppner Hardwoods custom selection process, the client can decide on how deep and how many distinctions caused by weather, insect tracks, nail holes and cracking to keep in the floor. The most common species from barn siding are White Oak, Red Oak and Hickory. Usually the several species are mixed.  When practical, we can separate the species in order to provide a monolithic floor should you desire.  However, in order to ascertain the specie, it would require machine planing off the antique characteristics that is evidence of a 100 years of winters and summers.  But, with Heppner Hardwoods as your master woodworker that can be done, it is an individual  choice.

Moreover, since each and every project is custom and tailored to specifications, you can participate in its creation up to the time it goes into production at our factory in Azusa CA.  Samples and or high resolution pictures are available.

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